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Sogor Girls Dormitory is the latest accommodation concept offering a unique lodging space that is located right in the heart of George Town. Sogor is Penang's first capsule hotel facility, strategically placed within Penang's bustling heritage enclave. Unlike other run-of-the-mill city hotels and motels, our facility combines the romance of colonial history with the best of travel lodge-style comfort in a harmonious arrangement. The result is a culturally-attuned and aesthetically-refined living space that is both eco-friendly and homely. At Sogor, we believe that our guests are special, and they come first; the satisfaction of our guests and the meeting of their needs are always our top priority.

Sogor is dedicated to providing the ultimate accommodation option for a special category of travellers - the independent female traveller, whose discoveries and journeys around the world may bring her to the rustic shores of Penang.

As the first female only capsule hotel in Penang, we offer the adventurous solo female travellers a secure haven as well as a total peace of mind when they decide to choose our accommodation. Whether they choose to travel alone, or with a group of female friends, Sogor Girls Dormitory is designed to complete their journey by meeting all their basic travel, transport, and itinerary requirements.

As a female-only accommodation facility, Sogor also offers a wide range of other intangible soul-fulfilling experiences. Here at Sogor, female travellers may enjoy a safe and uncompromised living space that they deserve, build networks of friendship with other female travellers, and of course, share travel tips and ideas, and other gems of the wisdom they have picked up on their travel adventures around the globe.

In fact, our guests will find that we are more than just a safe and comfortable accommodation oasis. At Sogor, we are partners in the HELPX** program, where in the spirit of exchange and sharing, selected solo female travellers are able to volunteer for short service stints at our facility, in return for free board and meals.

** HELPX stands for help exchange, a program inspired by the belief that longer-term adventurous travel and its associated accommodation/food costs may be offset by barter-trading work services to meet the travellers’ needs. Go to http://www.helpx.net to find out more about this exciting new option for independent travelers with budget limitations, who may be on the road for longer than a short holiday of a few days or weeks.





** 私達ソゴー女性専用カプセルホテルは、宿泊施設であるとともに、様々な情報や技術を交換するHELPXのパートナーです。このHELPXシステムに興味のある方は下記ホームページに詳細がありますので参考にしてみて下さい。

Sogor Girls Dormitory 專注于提供最新式的住宿體驗,是全檳州首間結合歷史建築的膠囊概念民宿。位于喬治敦老城的核心區域,周圍歷史建築林立,雖交通四通八達,現代商場咫尺之遙,卻也鬧中取靜。我們的建築具有濃厚殖民地色彩,流露著上世紀早期的英式古典韻味。爲了保存原有的建築風格並兼顧環保,Sogor Girls Dormitory在完整保留原有外觀之余,亦融入了現代的建築設計元素。古典的中式的瓦屋頂配合節能通風隔熱層;巨大的英式拱形推窗貼上高透光隔熱膜;古舊的四壁房梁安上了恒溫恒濕空調系統。再配合舒適惬意的內部軟裝和貼心的設施,讓賓至如歸不再只是酒店業者的口頭禪。因爲Sogor相信,這裏的每一位住客都是獨特的,店裏的一切准備皆精心爲你而設。


此外,Sogor Girls Dormitory也是HELPX**項目的合作夥伴,交流和分享的是我們的精神。故此,我們會選擇合適的女性申請者加入義工服務計劃,並提供免費的住宿和膳食。

無論您是獨行的旅人,還是三五同遊;來這裏,您盡管享受遊覽和體驗。我們會爲您處理剩下的所有煩惱。親臨Sogor Girls Domitory,體驗檳城生活的細節,細聽這裏的一磚一瓦,爲您講述這座古城的金色歷史