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Latest addition to The Sogor family: We are the official authorised distributor of RenewMaterial XTD brand products in Malaysia.

Xstrawdinatry (XTD) is an innovative new material which is 95% agricultural straw waste. It has the potential to replace wood and plastic in a vast number of applications. Agricultural straw waste is usually burnt to clear the land for the next growing season, contributing to air pollution. At the same time, the demand for wood products drives deforestation. However, 1.5 ton of straw can be utilized to produce one cubic meter of XTD as a wood replacement material, saving 18 mature trees and also reducing 1.8 ton of carbon emission. Some characteristics of XTD are moisture, flame and termite resistance, durability, sound and heat insulation, good plasticity, flexibility and the ability to absorb printing ink easily. It contains no wood, plastic or formaldehyde. The material has been awarded the Green Label by the Singaporean government, international certification, awards and accolades and is seen as one of the most effective sustainable solutions to mitigate climate change. See for more information.

Come visit our restaurant, café showrooms to get a first real feel of the new trend where all our furniture and fixture are installed with XTD ranges of products.