Our Story

We are Sogor Group

 Creative Lifestyle Innovator


We are Sogor Group. As a company, we practice mindful sustainability in all our divisions. We provide responsibly-sourced foods and beverages, quality accommodation that is both safe and affordable, and environmentally-friendly products and materials that are truly innovative that can make lasting and impactful changes.

Since taking root in Georgetown, Penang, Sogor Group has developed a number of solid businesses in only seven years of operation; Soul Café, The Craftisan, Pastabox and Sogor Dormitory.

Our growth can be compared to the parable of the ‘Mustard Seed’, which, growing from small beginnings, develops into a strong and lofty tree. The tree grows in harmony with the laws of nature, and as it flourishes it provides a place of rest, safety and refreshment to creatures of the land and air. This resembles the steady, productive growth, hospitality and deep appreciation for the natural world that characterizes Sogor Group.

Company Values


We aspire to create a sense of warmth, caring and love for each other as human beings, appreciation for life and the mindful of the environment of our planet.


We are inspired to keep delivering the unique difference in goods and services that our customers and stakeholders have come to expect of us; we will sustain our quest of continued innovation in full harmony with nature.

Statement of Purpose

To share our taste for the good life with everyone! Sogor was built on the foundation of providing the very best, with careful due diligence, and we want to continue to do just that. For us, what’s most meaningful is earning trust in providing experiences, products and solutions that both socially correct and genuinely benefit people.

Distinction (USP)

The introduction of new possibilities in quality products and services that can to make a real difference to our daily lives. We aim to provide options, alternative and solution that allow our public to enjoy all while respecting the law of nature as much as possible to spread care and love positively shaping, reengineering and reinventing our daily habits.


Since inception in 2014, we’ve worked hard to create a broad community of people who have a real stake in what we offer and our success. Our culture is our gratitude to all and our commitment to driving creative innovation in sustainable development, unique products and services.

Food & Beverage Division

Soul Cafe

Along Penang’s renowned heritage street, Jalan Kek Chuan, you will stumble upon Soul Café, possibly Penang’s best choice for pasta. Founded by brothers Lim Chu Poh and Lim Chu Aun, the little café is Sogor Group’s pride in a cozy setting. It has a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and is tastefully designed with fresh, professional art photography of nature as the primary theme.

It’s a peerless classic which frequently has locals and visitors queuing around the block to indulge without spending a fortune. It takes inspiration, exquisite ingredients and the love for simple perfection to prepare a great pasta meal.

Food & Beverage Division

The Craftisan

For a gelato fix after you dine, or at any time, The Craftisan is committed to creating true home-made Italian gelato, with new flavours regularly unveiled. Conveniently situated on the floor above Soul Café, enter into a tranquil ambience, organic decor with shades of green accentuated by plants and terrariums, snugged up by a warm background of natural wood. Apart from gelato, the menu aso features sundaes, waffles, crepes, shakes, cakes and coffee as well as a variety of other hot drinks.

Food & Beverage Division

Pasta Box

Pasta box is a gourmet, takeaway and delivery franchise restaurant aimed at young millennials entering the workforce. Sogor Group expanded on the success of Soul Café by turning fine, handmade pasta into customiseable fast food, a totally unique concept for this kind of cuisine. The menu takes its cues from familiar dishes and Italian favourites, but with a little bit of adventure and extravagance. The sauces are made freshly every day, using only the finest ingredients. The first branch of this franchise is currently operating in Gurney Plaza.

Hospitality Division

Sogor Girls Dormitory

The dormitory is a Japanese-style capsule hotel that provides affordable accommodation with sensitivity to the needs of female travellers. It is a safe, convenient and minimalist living space that provides female-only accommodation. Sogor Girls Dormitory is strategically located in Georgetown, Penang, within walking distance of numerous tourist attractions. Sogor Girls Dormitory is also partnered with the Help Exchange (HelpX) program. In this program, vetted solo female travellers are able to volunteer service in the dormitory during their trip in return for free accommodation and access to in-house facilities.

Our Team

Sogor Group values a passion for discovery with thoughtful care and consistency. Our team comprises of like-minded individuals who know and practice this abundantly.